Hudson Bay Company is officially called “Hudson’s Bay Company,” and by its native people it’s “Compagnie de la Baie d’Hudson.” It was founded in London, England on 2nd May 1670, so it’s a 349 years company. Its headquarters are on Brampton, Ontario, Canada, and its key people are Richard Baker and Helena Foulkes.

Hudson Bay Company is nothing less than a Canadian company that functions in retail domain. It has been one fur trading enterprise since it was founded, and it owns some retail stores spread across Canada, USA, and some European countries like Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands.

This company is often referred to by locals as “The Bay” or “La Baie” by its French speaking customers.

It contains many subdivisions, and its head office was created in Brampton, Ontario. Another critical piece of information is that the company is currently listed to the exchange with the acronym “HBC.”

After its foundation, the company has been functioning in a couple of places of North America for almost 20 decades up to the moment it was sold the owned land to the country of Canada back in 1869. Everything was done as a part of the Deed of Surrender.

In the peak period this company has been controlling the fur market using the English. Some years later they did it using the North America that was controlled by the British. Soon, in the middle of the 19th century, this company has evolved and became a mercantile enterprise that is now selling a large diversity of goods. The products vary from furs to other things like home ware and were sold in small shops.

These small shops were the first stage of the big department stores we know now, and the company is now owning worldwide. In 2008 NRDC Equity Partners acquired the company and from this year until 2012 the company was run by other company called Hudson’s Bay Trading Company. This small company has been dissolved in the first months of 2012.

From 2012 until today the company has been overseeing the Canadian subsidiaries and Home Outfitters and bought another big company called Saks, Inc back in 2013.

17th century

Back in this century, French people have a strong involvement, some monopoly in the fur trade in Canada using their colony in New France. A couple of French merchants were the ones to learn something from the Cree: the best fur provider was in the Northern and Western parts of Lake Superior.

These two wanted to make progress reducing the costs of transporting and delivering the fur. Although the governor has not given them access scouting the territory in the North, two years later they managed to get back with some Premium furs proving that Hudson Bay has great potential.

Hudson Bay Company is now an essential name in the industry.